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23rd November 2021   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

I Learned to speak at Weight Watchers!

In my new podcast, GC Julie Honor, lost weight AND gained massive speaking confidence at Weight Watchers. From there she went on to become a successful lawyer and is now General Counsel for digital marketing disruptor, 3Q Digital.…

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5th March 2021   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

Why I Wrote Executive Presentations

This is a true story. Two people are sitting opposite each other on a train to central London. They soon discover that one is reading a book on presentations and the other is about to deliver a presentation.…

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21st January 2021   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

Podcast Episode #4 Biden Speech Special

Did Biden’s speech make the grade? Find out with TV hosts Pat Pattison and Jacqui Harper. A Biden Speech Special from TV Hosts and Coaches Jacqui Harper and Pat Pattison. What worked and what could have been better?…

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17th January 2021   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

Podcast Episode #3 The Message Audit

Public Speaking tips to help you – and Joe Biden – speak in a crisis. TV professionals and executive coaches Jacqui Harper and Pattison explain how to use a new communication tool. Episode #3 The Message Audit –…

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30th May 2019   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

Leadership presence

Leadership Presence by Jacqui Harper. Jacqui speaking at Cityparents business networking event in central London.

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27th January 2019   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

Meet the Author

Executive Presentations, public speaking, business presentations, leadership.

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10th January 2017   |    by Jacqui Harper MBE

6 Tips for Online Job Interviews

When it’s time for a new job use personal presence to do a confident and memorable online interview. It’s all about the first ten seconds. That’s when recruitment professionals decide whether to continue watching you or move on to…

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